The President of Ukraine signed the Law on State Support for Investment Projects with Significant Investments

The President of Ukraine signed the Law № 1116-ІХ on State Support for Investment Projects with Significant Investments. 

According to this law Ukraine will provide a number of incentives for large investment projects, in particular:

  • tax incentives (exemption from the income tax, from customs duties and VAT when importing new equipment into Ukraine);
  • simplified provision of land necessary for investment project;
  • construction&reconstruction of related infrastructure at the expense of the state;
  • consolidation of investor guarantees through the conclusion of a direct agreement with the Government of Ukraine for 15 years.

The total amount of state support shall not exceed 30% of the amount of investment in the project.

State support will be provided for investors who are going to invest more than 20 million euros as well as to create at least 80 new workplaces.

The project implementation period should not exceed 5 years in such sectors of economy:

  • processing industry (except for the production and circulation of tobacco products, alcohol, and alcoholic beverages);
  • extraction for further processing and / or enrichment of minerals (except coal, crude oil and natural gas);
  • waste management;
  • transport, warehousing, postal and courier activities, logistics;
  • education and science;
  • health care, art, culture, sports, tourism, resort and recreational industry.

This bill was developed on the basis of best practices existing in the EU and our neighboring countries.

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