Olga Magaletska took part in the Business & Legal Infrastructure Forum

On July 9, 2021, Olga Magaletska, the Head of the Office of the National Investment Council took part in the Business & Legal Infrastructure Forum, in the panel discussion “Investment Potential.”

The participants discussed the policy of attracting investors to Ukraine, legislative initiatives which already exist and also which have to be adopted soon to stimulate the investment inflow, in particular, in the infrastructure sector.

The discussion was attended by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Iryna Novikova, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Yurii Vaskov, Deputy Head of the Odessa District State Administration of the Odessa Region Oleksandr Ilko, co-founder of the Terminals TIS group Oleh Kutateladze, Acting Director of the Odessa Sea Commercial Port Oleksiy Myaskovskyi, General Director of ZIM Integrated Shipping Ukraine Services Andriy Kuzmenko, Compliance and Data Protection Officer of Ukraine International Airlines Stanislav Kovalenko.

Olga Magaletska noted that infrastructure is one of the drivers of attracting large investments in our country and the largest investments were made in the transport sector last year.

“The potential for attracting investment in the infrastructure sector is insane, and it can be realized both through public-private partnership projects and through privatization. We all know that state enterprises of the transport industry have many non-core assets. And starting only with the sale or lease of such real estate, state can earns millions. In this aspect, I would like positively mark Ukrposhta, which started to sell illiquid real estate in 2020 and earned from the sale about 117 million hryvnia. This is a great example of what needs to be done with non-core assets,” said Olga Magaletska.

The Head of the Office also noted that one of the overriding tasks for the nearest future is to reform the railway industry and create a competitive market: “This is, of course, a very difficult reform, but it needs to be done, it is necessary to adopt the Law “On Railway Transport”, which will lay the grounds for reforming the industry and clearly define which areas the state is developing and which should be passed to private companies.”

Olga Magaletska stressed that investor will invest only in a transparent market with a clear development program: “Ukraine is interesting to investors and all together, by joint efforts, we must create competitive conditions for these investors to come to us,” - summarized the Head of the National Investment Council.

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